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The list of lawyers dealing with inheritance laws

For your convenience, attached is a list of lawyers dealing with inheritance law (the law of succession), and who have asked to be included in this list for the purpose of providing legal services in all matters relating to the issuing of a Succession Order in Israel, regarding the estate of  the owner of an asset managed by the Company.   

We would like to draw your attention to the following guidelines:

Once the Company reaches a Partial Decision, in which it is found that indeed your family member and the asset owner are one and the same, and if the requested asset is a plot or its value is higher than 200,000 NIS, the applicant is required to provide the Company with a Succession Order issued by a competent judicial instance in Israel in the matter of the estate of the asset owner. Once the Succession Order has been submitted, the Company can process restitution of the asset to the lawful heirs.

Should you be required to submit a Succession Order, the Partial Decision will be sent to you detailing the necessity of a succession order.  Since the process is often complex, many beneficiaries choose to retain the services of a lawyer to manage the procedure for them.

It should be noted that even at the stage of issuance of a Succession Order it is neither necessary not mandatory to hire a lawyer and it is possible to perform the procedure required for the issue of a Succession Order without legal aid.

The Company has created the attached list in order to assist in finding a suitable lawyer for those who choose to do so. The list consists of the names of Lawyers who applied to the company and testified to their experience in this field, and does not purport to include all lawyers who deal with succession laws (the complete list of lawyers can be found on the website of the Israel Bar Association).

*The information found in this list has been provided by the lawyers themselves and we are not responsible for its accuracy.

*The list of lawyers in this list in no way constitutes a recommendation to contract a lawyer in general or any particular lawyer on this list.

·         For your information the compulsory requirements for lawyers requesting to be included in the Company list were :

1.      Experience in laws of succession and the issuing of succession orders

2.      A written undertaking to charge no more than the minimal fee as set in the Bar Association Regulations (the recommended minimal fee)5760- 2000, for any of the beneficiaries who require their services and who contact them following their publication in the Company’s attached list.

·         In order to assist you in choosing a lawyer suited to your needs, the following details and professional information regarding the lawyers are included:

1.      The number of years of their experience in the field of inheritance law

2.      Experience in issuing Succession Orders for Holocaust victims assets – if relevant

3.      Knowledge of foreign languages other than English – if any

4.      Expertise in foreign law – if any and for which countries.

I confirm that I have read and understood the above said.

To download the list of lawyers dealing with inheritance law please click here.

We invite the public in Israel and abroad – to review the List of Asset owners and submit a request for restitution.

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