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Frequently Asked Questions

Locating Holocaust Assets - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The information before you is a collection of common questions and their answers, received through public applications to representatives of the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets. If you would like to find out how you can apply for the restitution of Holocaust victims' assets, click here. To contact a company representative, call +972-3-5164117.
To locate a relative on the list of asset owners, click here
For instructions on how to forward an application for asset restitution, click here
Why does the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets ask so many questions during the application process?
Why is a family tree often requested, or dates of death of relatives?
I have been asked to enclose references to information I have presented. If I have none, should I invest time and money in searching for these?
How can I find out how much an asset is worth?
Is it possible to receive information about the owner of an asset?
Why don't the details of the asset owner found on the Company's website (country / city of residence/ name spelling / etc.) match the information I have about my relatives?
How much time does the examination of a request take?
Now that an agreement has been reached with Bank Leumi, when will the processing of claims for accounts held by the institution begin?
Should I hire a lawyer?
Must each family member apply separately?
Can I make an appointment at the Company offices to present the documents?
Why is the suit against Bank Leumi being delayed?
Why aren't the MizrahiTefahot and Mercantile banks also being sued?
What bank account monies have been transferred to the Company, and when will the relevant requests be processed?
What is the forecast regarding an asset for which a beneficiary has been recognized as eligible by the company?
Why did the Company publish bank assets that had been released in the past?
I have found the name of a relative on the Company's list of asset owners, but it states that the asset is currently being reinstated. I am certain that the owner is a relative. What must I do to prove this to the company?
I recently found the name of a relation in the list of asset owners on the Company website. Now it has disappeared. What is the reason?
How can I appeal a decision made by the Company?
I have received a rejection from the Company regarding an application I made. Now, however, I have found additional information that may assist in determining my relationship to the owner of an asset. How can I present this information to the Company?
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