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The Law for Holocaust Victims’ Assets

Before the Second World War, Jews from Eastern and Central Europe entertained a growing desire to fulfill the Zionist Dream and leave their mark on the Land of Israel. As a result, many invested money in Israeli banks, purchased houses and real estate, and other assets in the Land of Israel for ideological reasons. Some even saw this as preparation for future Aliyah to Israel.

Unfortunately, many found their death under the Nazi regime, and their Israeli assets remained unclaimed.

At the start of the year 2000, the Knesset, Israel's parliament, established a parliamentary investigative committee to identify the assets of Holocaust victims located in Israel and reinstate them with their legal heirs. The committee, headed by MK Collette Avital, investigated the scope of assets located in Israel that had not been returned to their legal owners.

These assets include dormant bank accounts administered by Israeli banks, shares, contents of safes and real estate assets held by various institutions and agencies - both private and public.

As a result of the investigative committee's final report, the Law for Holocaust Victims' Assets was legislated in 2006, resulting in the establishment of the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets whose declared task is to do justice with the owners of assets killed in the Holocaust and the return of their assets to their legal heirs.


The Assets Law:

The Assets Law stipulates that the primary task of the Company is the identification of Holocaust victims' assets that are located in Israel and the location of legal heirs in order to unite the two. The law also determines that assets whose owners cannot be found will be transferred for aid to Holocaust survivors in need, as well as for educational and commemorative projects related to the Holocaust and its victims.

bul_1_en Download the file The complete version of the Law


To view additional reports and legislation (in Hebrew) regarding the restitution of Holocaust victims' assets, click on the relevant link:

bul_1_en Click for Company guidelines for requests, discussion, provisions and decision regarding applications for Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ assets

bul_1_en Click to download the file Inheritance Regulationsamendments used by the Company in its day-to-day activities related to restitution.

bul_1_en Click to download the file Application Form for Succession Order to inherit a Holocaust Victim

bul_1_en Click to download the file of the Committee's (Corrected) report regarding linkage and interest - a report published in accordance with the guidelines of the Law, related to the evaluation of assets and the linkage and interest applied for the purpose of realistic appraisal of an asset's value.

bul_1_en Click to download the file Ordinance for maximum legal fees – which sets the maximum rate of legal fees for lawyers assisting with applications, in accordance with the Law of Assets. Click here to download the Ordinance Update of January 17, 2013 as announced by the Minister of Justice.

bul_1_en Click to download the file Bar Association Regulations (recommended minimum fee) 2000.

bul_1_en Click for the Freedom of Information Act – Determining a Public Authority - In August 2007, the Minister of Justice determined that the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets is a public authority, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, 5758-1998, excepting information on Holocaust victims' assets published by the Company.

bul_1_en Click to download the file Company guidelines regarding requests discussion provisions and decision regarding applications for Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ assets  

bul_1_en Click for the Report Summary of the Parliamentary Investigative Committee regarding investigation of Holocaust Victims’ assets in Banks in Israel.

bul_1_en Click for the Committee's report regarding linkage and interest.

bul_1_en Click to locate your relatives on the list of assets.

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