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Restitution and Community Division

The Restitution and Community Division is responsible for the important task of amending the historical injustice to successors of the Holocaust victims by the reinstatement of assets in Israel belonging to their loved ones. The Division is responsible for the entire process of restitution, from submission of the request for restitution and up until a decision is made regarding this request.

Following submission of the application for restitution of assets to the Company, the relevant employees of the Division contact the applicants in order to ascertain if the owners of the assets are indeed their deceased relatives. This entails a meticulous and thorough investigation, which consists mainly of cross-referencing of information that exists in the Company database regarding the asset and its owner, with the information which the claimant possesses regarding his relative. At the end of the process, and in those cases where the information corresponds, the Division is authorized to decide if the applicant and his family are entitled to legally inherit the owner of the asset.

The Restitution and Community Division is directed by Attorney Zivit Nudelman - Erez and is comprised of four units:

Two sections deal with the Restitution of Assets - the Real Estate Department and the Finance Department and JCT (the Jewish Colonial Trust).
Their responsibility is the examination of requests made by potential beneficiaries- verification of their identity and their eligibility to inherit the asset. The departments are in charge of the applications for restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets which appear on the List of Assets.
Each department deals with a different type of asset (real estate, money, Jewish Colonial Bank shares -JCT and works of art).
The main aspect of the activity of these departments is comparing the information received from the applicants with that which exists in the database regarding the asset, and examination of the applicant's eligibility to inherit the asset in accordance with the laws of inheritance.

The department concludes its task regarding the applications upon reaching one of two decisions:

  1. The Restitution Decision - declaring the eligibility of the applicant to the asset following proof of his being the beneficiary or having any other rights. The decision is conveyed to the Asset Release Department for processing of the release.
  2. A decision of rejection or closing of the application - this decision is reached in cases lacking personal identification or legal eligibility, retraction of the request by the applicant, technical reasons which prevent the possibility of resolving the case etc.
    The Company's decisions may be appealed to the Appeals Committee established by the Law of Assets.
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  • The Department for Accompaniment of Beneficiaries - which supports and assists the applicants who obtained a Partial Decision and need to issue a Succession Order.
    When it is not possible to exempt the applicant from the issue of a Succession Order, the applicant is handed a decision called a "Partial Decision". This decision comprises only identification of the applicant who is required to submit a succession order / probate order so as to complete the process of establishing eligibility and in order to release the asset to the eligible beneficiary.
    The department for the accompaniment of the beneficiaries was established in order to facilitate the issue of succession orders of asset owners in order to actively assist the heirs with the entire process of the issue of the order, from the decision of identification of the applicant as a relative of the owner of the asset which was listed on the Company website, and up until receipt of the succession order.

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