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Finance & Assets Division

The Finance and Assets Division is responsible for management of Funds, Assets and Human Resources in the Company. The Division is directed by CPA Amir Schwartz

Department of Finances and Human Resources

The Financial Department serves as a Headquarter Unit, and is responsible for planning, management of the financial system, budget and H.R.

  • Accounting - financial reports and reports to the various authorities as required by law.
  • Financial system - accounting, banking, management of funds, wages, budget monitoring and execution of payments of restitution to beneficiaries and aid to survivors.
  • Human Resource management - from recruitment of employees, orientation and induction into the Company, through welfare topics and retirement processes of Company employees.

The Department of Assets

Management of assets, retaining the value of assets until their transfer to beneficiaries, and under conditions set by the law - management of assets intended for realization. The purpose of their realization is to provide assistance for Holocaust survivors and commemoration projects.

The Department of Assets is responsible for all real estate managed by the Company, including transfer from other entities to Company management, until the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries and until realization of assets for whom no beneficiaries were found (real estate such as apartments and plots)


Company Economist

The Company economist serves all Company departments, including the provision of guidelines for calculating the value of assets under Company management. The economist is responsible for all aspects of asset revaluation issues, updating the values ​​of assets and revaluation of information systems, including the evaluation of assets for which decisions of restitution to heirs have been made, as well as providing financial services to Company departments as required.


Asset Release Responsibility

The person in charge of asset release is responsible for restitution of the asset to the beneficiary following the Restitution Decision. This process includes verification of asset information, verification of the identity of the heir and connection with the heir for the purpose of completion of the process and completion of transfer of the asset.

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