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Direct Personal Aid

In accordance with the Company Board of Director's decision, a sum of 150 million , will be granted as aid for Holocaust survivors during the year 2015.


The Company will transfer a personal endowment, directly into the bank accounts of approximately 11,000 Holocaust survivors in need. The endowment will be directly deposited into the accounts of the survivors in four equal payments, on a quarterly basis, without the need of submitting an application.


This aid is granted to Holocaust Survivors in Need who meet the criteria and according to the data available to the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors and the Ministry of Finance regarding the implications of personal compensation from abroad.

The effective date for commencement of eligibility for receipt of aid from the Company, is the date upon which the name was transferred to the Company by the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors, as being defined as a Holocaust Survivor in Need according to Company definition; (It should be made clear that the Company does not offer aid to Holocaust survivors retroactive to the date of eligibility for remuneration from the Authority).

Survivor eligibility for aid from the Company will be ceased when the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors updates the company regarding a change in the Status of Need as defined by the Company (except in cases where the Company is advised of the Holocaust survivor's death prior to notification from the Authority).

Please note that the endowment given by the Company will not prejudice the right to the survivors' pension and is not considered income for tax purposes.

Anyone who believes they are entitled to remuneration in accordance with any of the laws mentioned in section 3, who has not yet received this endowment and who does not appear in the list referred to in paragraph 1, may contact the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors through the call center at telephone number 03-5682651 or 04-8640838 in order to prove that he is indeed eligible for the grant. Further information can be found on the website of the Authority for the Rights of Holocaust Survivors . In case of proof of eligibility, the Company will transfer the grant after updating of the list mentioned in paragraph 1 (as of the date of update of the said list), without needing to submit a request from the Company.

bul_1_en Click here to download the file for Assessment Procedure for Direct Personal Aid for Survivors

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