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Model illustration of Rights

The Illustrative Model illustration of Rights of Holocaust Survivors

The Company for Location and Restitutions of Holocaust Victims' Assets Ltd. has launched a model of the rights of survivors in order to help Holocaust survivors in Israel clarify their rights and utilize them without delay.
This model of the Rights of Holocaust Survivors was written by the Association of Law in the Service of the Elderly in the framework of a project initiated and funded by the Company for Restitution.

The model is designed to offer information regarding the various rights and benefits due to Holocaust Survivors in the State of Israel. Amongst other information in the model are: types of monthly pensions and who is entitled to them, benefits, discounts, grants etc. The model gives only general information and does not serve as a substitute for legal advice.

The model is constructed as a flow chart through which you can get information and the appropriate forms which are to be submitted to various entities offering the endowments and benefits.
In addition, the model includes the details of organizations which are responsible for each benefit or endowment.
This is the first time that a consolidated representation of all the rights of Holocaust Survivors has been presented in a user friendly manner, including the forms and addresses of entities to be approached in order to gain these rights.
All the user needs to do is go into the model and reply to the questions asked, and the model will direct you to the relevant benefits to which you are entitled and the required forms to realize these rights.

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