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The Advisory Committee

The Board of Directors of The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets Ltd. decided upon establishment of the Advisory Board, for the purpose of assisting and/or consulting the Company in achieving the goals of support and commemoration, as defined in the Law of Assets of Holocaust Survivors (restitution to beneficiaries and dedication to aid and commemoration), 2006.
Members of the Advisory Committee
bul_1_en  Prof. Zehavit Gross - Chairperson bul_1_en Mr. Avi Kaminsky
bul_1_en Mr. Arie Oz bul_1_en Dr. Havi Drifus
bul_1_en Dr. Mordecai Peled bul_1_en Mr. Boris Maftsir
bul_1_en Attorney Miriam Rubinstein bul_1_en Prof. Oded Sarig
bul_1_en Mr. Gideon Taran bul_1_en Attorney. Tamar Raveh




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