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The Legal Bureau

The purpose of the Company’s Legal Bureau directed by Legal Advisor Attorney Ofir Porat, is to offer the Company legal service and support, to enable the Company to fulfill its purpose and realize the goals determined in the Law of Assets of Holocaust Victims efficiently, in accordance with the law , while maintaining proper conduct in a manner that will prevent events that may necessitate legal intervention.

In cases in which there is no alternative but to take legal action, and in cases in which legal action is taken against the Company, the Legal Advisor is responsible for representation of the Company in court – either by means of lawyers in the Legal Bureau or by means of external law offices.

The Legal Bureau offers legal advice to the Board of Directors in the management of the Company and to the professional units of the Company –regarding both questions of policy and in dealing with specific cases.

The Legal Bureau accompanies the Company in all activities on all levels, guiding, directing and instructing the decision makers, directors and employees in the best possible legal conduct.

In addition, the Legal Advisor is responsible for legislative procedures relating to the Company and its activities and for contact with the relevant authorities.

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