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Works of art and cultural objects

Works of art and cultural objects

From the time it came to power in 1933 through the end of World War II in 1945 the Nazi regime systematically looted cultural objects and works of art across Europe. Hundreds of thousands objects have been forcibly taken from their owners, among them Holocaust victims, museums, private institutions religious and educational organizations.

At the end of the war two organizations were established in order to handle the objects discovered in warehouses throughout Europe. The JRSO (Jewish Restitution Successor Organization) and the JCR (Jewish Cultural Reconstruction) represented Jewish communities and organizations across the world and have been appointed by the U.S. Military Army to assist in the identification, cataloging and dispersal of a variety of cultural objects.

Between 1949-1953, these organizations were responsible for the shipping of works of art and cultural objects to Israel. Objects that arrived were divided between the Bezalel museum and to other institutions, who acted as trustees on behalf of the Israeli state. Upon the opening of the Israel Museum in 1965, many of the objects that arrived to the Bezalel Museum have been transferred to its care.

To view the list of works of art and cultural objects kept at the Israel Museum press here

To submit a request for restitution of a work of art that can be found in the Israel museum, or to located a cultural object press here   

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