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Public Inquiries Department

Public Inquiries Department

  • The Public Inquiries Department replies to inquiries received from the public regading all matters which are handled by the Company: asset restitution, location of assets, general inquiries, inquiries under the Freedom of Information Law, and other various inquiries.

  • Any person may contact the Public Inquiries Department with a complaint, inquiry, suggestion, notification etc, regarding any matter that concernes The Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets.

  • Every inquiry will be suitably addressed by the Company,, fairly and in an unbiased manner .

  • Every inquiry will be answeresd discretely, keeping the privacy of the applicant.

  • In case the applicant is a lawyer, they should submit a suitable Power of Attorny.

  • The Public Inquiries Department will assist with anyinquiries that require its immediate attention.

  • The department aims to respond to any inquiry as quickly and as efficiently as possible. However, this depends upon the complexity of the inquiry, which sometimes requires the invlovement of other professional departemnts in the Company.

  • The Public Inquiries Department is an independent unit in the Company and works under the Company's general manager, and directly with the heads of all other departments in the Company.

  • The public – in Israel and abroad - is invited to rewiew the list of assets on the Company's website and submit an application for  restitution of an asset.

Contact us


To contact us through our website please click here.


To contact us by telephone we operate a call center that works between 08:00am - 17:00pm. The center assists in any inquiry the public might have.

phone number: +972-3-5164117.

Inquiries in Writing

Fax: +972-3-7566827.

            18 Hasivim St.

             P.O.B 7286

             Petach Tiqva 4959376.

Please make sure your handwriting is clear and understandble

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